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Most children are loved, but only a few are chosen.

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to www.ChosenChildrenLetters.com. The purpose of this site is to collect letters written by people whose lives have been profoundly affected by adoption. I hope to share some of these letters by posting them here on the website and eventually publishing some in a book. Do you have an adoption story you’re willing to share?

The idea for this site came to me as my sister and I discussed how to explain to her young son about his own adoption. She approached me for advice since I, too, am a “Chosen Child,” adopted by a loving family. My sister mentioned that she has a letter that her son’s birthmother penned for him, and she in turn has written an unsent letter to her son’s birthmother. I told my sister that sharing both those letters with her son someday would surely bless him.

Later, as I thought of my beautiful, precious granddaughter Jade, and my son’s journey to adopt her as a toddler, I decided to write her a letter to try to express in written words how I feel about her. I want her to know the joy she has brought our family, that she lights up our lives and helps make our family complete.

My vision for this website is that it will be a repository of honest accounts. Many will be inspirational, some will be heart-wrenching, some even humorous. All will enlighten anyone interested in this magical process called adoption. I hope to include letters from people from all walks of life: the famous, the ordinarily extraordinary, leaders, and even children.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THIS SITE IS NOT FOR THOSE ATTEMPTING TO FIND SOMEONE (such as a birthparent, a child given up, etc.) SUCH LETTERS WILL BE DELETED AND NOT POSTED OR PUBLISHED. Complete names will be withheld from public view. All personal demographic information (names, addresses, email addresses, etc.) submitted on this site will remain confidential.

Could you contribute? Would you share a piece of your adoption story in the form of a letter? So, if you have an adoption story, to whom would you write a letter, and what would you say?


Teresa Tyra,

Chosen Child


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